When it comes to transforming your vehicle’s appearance, auto wraps are a great choice! A car wrap provides a wide variety of customization options. They are also great for those concerned with permanently changing their vehicle’s appearance. A wrap can be removed easily. Also, car wraps tend to be less expensive than a paint job. The question is, should you get a full wrap or a partial wrap? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the considerations for each to hopefully help you make a better informed choice. 

Full Wrap

Provides a Full Canvas

A full wrap means you will cover your entire vehicle. That’s the beauty of full auto wraps. They allow you full creativity. You can change your entire vehicle with no constraints making this an ideal option for those seeking a complete transformation.

Protects your Entire Vehicle

Since full auto wraps will cover your entire vehicle, that means it will protect every inch of your car. Your wrap will provide an additional layer of protection against scratches, stone chips, and other tiny elements that can damage your car’s exterior. 

Partial Wrap


Car wraps tend to be much more cost effective than a traditional paint job. Whether you get a full wrap or a partial wrap. However, if you do go for a partial wrap, it most likely will be much cheaper than a full car wrap. You will be saving much more money if you decide to go this route. 

Slightly Changes Your Vehicle’s Appearance

For those iffy on whether they want to change their entire vehicle’s appearance, partial auto wraps are a great choice. A partial wrap allows you to slightly change your car without changing the entire thing. In other words, you get the best of both worlds with a partial car wrap. 

Less Time Consuming

Partial wraps require less installation time compared to a full auto wrap. If time is important to you and you don’t want to be too long without your vehicle but still want to add a little something to your car, a partial wrap is perfect.


If you’re debating whether to do a full auto wrap or a partial auto wrap, consider the following factors we previously mentioned. Do you want to preserve your car’s original paint job? Do you want full or partial protection? How much are you wanting to spend? How long are you willing to go without your car when it comes to installation? Asking yourself these questions can help you decide which route you want to go. 

No matter which you decide on, Original Graphic Wraps is here for your car wrap needs. We are your full auto wraps and partial auto wraps experts serving the Detroit, Michigan area. If you’re interested in a car wrap service you can contact us by phone at (586)842-1551