Original Graphic Wraps Car & Business Window Tinting

Detroit, Michigan Commercial, Residential, & Automotive Window Tinting

Window tinting film provides heat reduction without reducing visibility from the outside.

Save $$$ on air conditioning costs and reduce harmful UVA and UVB ultra violet rays from the sun. Protect your office space’s furniture and carpet by using patented 3M film technology.


Automotive & Car Window Tinting
In Troy & Detroit Michigan

A cool and custom look for your ride that keeps out heat.

Get in contact with us to schedule your window tinting job. Our professional window tinting installers are fast and many times can travel to you to install your custom window tint.

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HP Smoke Plus

Economy Automotive Window Film

5% 20% 35%

HP Supreme

Best-of-the-Best in a Hybrid Film

4% 16% 35%

Ceramic Film Series

Nature Meets Nanotechnology

5% 15% 35% 55%

Commercial Window Tinting

Residential Tinting

  • Up to 61% visible light transmitted
  • Up to 61% solar energy rejected
  • Up to 82% IR rejection
  • High heat rejection
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Increased A/C efficiency
  • Best Optical Clarity
  • Enhanced Appearance
  • Added Safety Shatter resistance
  • Protection against interior fading
  • Protect your skin from harmful UV rays