The the realm of automotive personalization, one trend that has been shining through, quite literally, is chrome deletion. Chrome deletion has become a popular choice among car enthusiasts, transforming the look of vehicles and providing a customized look. And if you live in or near Detroit, Michigan and are looking for “chrome delete near me” you are in the right place. At the forefront of this customization movement is Original Graphic Wraps, a leading service provider based in Detroit Michigan specializing in Chrome Deletion. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of chrome deletion starting from what it is, why you should consider it, and why you should choose us as your shop.

What is Chrome Deletion?

Chrome deletion is done when you want to hide any chrome trim on your vehicle. To do this we match bezels, weather stripping, and peripherals to the vehicles paint job or vinyl wrap. Here’s a before and after of a vehicle we did a chrome deletion for so you get a better idea.


chrome delete



chrome delete

Notice how the silver chrome around the vehicles windows are now a black shade? That’s chrome deletion for you.

Why Choose Chrome Deletion?

The appeal of chrome deletion is the ability to personalize your vehicle. You add a unique touch not many cars have. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or aiming for something bold, chrome deletion allows you to tailor your car to your preferences.

Original Graphic Wraps: Your Partner in Chrome Deletion Services

Located in Detroit, Michigan, Original Graphic Wraps stands out as a go-to destination for car customization enthusiasts. Our skilled team of installers is dedicated to bringing your vision to life through our expert chrome deletion services.

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