There will be a $4.5 billion rise in the car tinting film industry by 2025. Car window tinting is popular for various reasons, including increased privacy and decreased heat.

Picking a window tint percentage for the automobile is the first step in getting tinted window frames. What percentage of tint is optimal for your automobile windows? Find out here!

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Tint Percentages for Your Car


  • First and Foremost: Learn About the Legal Requirements 

Window tinting is legal in some places but illegal in others, so check the rules in your area before making any modifications. In certain places, it’s against the law to tint a car’s windows more than 5%. The consequences might be severe for those who choose to ignore the laws regarding window tint. 

The Front, side, and back windshields all have different tinting regulations. For instance, front sedan windows might be required to let at least 30% of light through them, whereas rear windows can be required to allow at most 15% of light through. Vehicle-specific tinting laws exist.


  • Consider Your Car’s Appearance

Be aware that even a high percentage of tints would alter the appearance of your automobile. The inside and the outside of your automobile would look and feel differently once the windows are tinted. Therefore, the tint percentage you choose for your automobile will depend on the style you’re going for.

Tint percentage matters: if you don’t want it to seem too dark, go for a higher one. Adding a film with a deeper tint color can drastically alter the look of your automobile. If you’re going to tint your automobile, ensure you’re happy with how it looks first.


  • Weigh-In Health Concerns 

In addition to the other advantages of window tints described above, the Skin Cancer Foundation strongly recommends that all drivers install them since they can block up to 99% of UV radiation.

Nevertheless, drivers with disorders that make them more susceptible to sunlight can benefit from the additional protection that deeper tints provide. A deeper shade can be preferable if you’re trying to improve your health.


  • And… What’s Your Budget?

Your budget is one of the most important things to consider when deciding on a window tint percentage. While some shoppers are about saving money, others are prepared to shell out more cash in exchange for more amenities or higher quality. From 35% to 50% is a popular middle ground, providing enough shade from the sun without breaking the bank.


Take Professional Help With the Right Tint Percentages!

Professional window tinting services usually provide warranty protection. Simply put, they know how to install it properly and what pitfalls to look out for. 

Experts can also advise you on the optimal tint level for your vehicle. Additionally, they have extensive knowledge of local regulations and can advise you on the appropriate level of window tint for your state.