Vehicle wraps can bring you more clients than any traditional advertising methods. The marketing wraps increase brand recognition by 1500% greater than any other type of ad. A single car wrap gets between 30,000-70,000 views each day, and the installation costs are far lower than what you would pay for TV or newspaper ads. However, make sure you make the most out of all this great exposure with the best car wrap!

The right design

Think about your audience, but also about the fact that your car is on the move most of the time. 

  • The design should capture your brand clearly and concisely and make the car stand out from the crowd. 
  • You have only a few seconds to get your potential customers’ attention, so do not waste these on a background picture. Help them to remember your logo or your brand as a whole.
  • Make sure the wrap design is visible from a distance, and avoid too much visual clutter.
  • Use few words, like a tagline that hooks potential customers. Resist the temptation of using many colors and different fonts.
  • When in doubt about design, ask us more!

Perfect installation

Use the car doors for your call to action and direct people to your website, social media channels or other contact details. Consult our professionals to choose the most visible sides of your car to install the whole wrap, and count on us for high-quality installation, without bubbles or dust bumps. 

Once the installation is done and looks impeccable…

  • Drive your car on the routes that serve you, but also maximize the exposure to your target customers.
  • Go to local events that your target audience might attend, and park your car in a visible place.
  • Take your car in areas where your potential customers are. If you target children and parents, drive or park around schools, parks, sports clubs, etc.
  • As your brand is at stake, keep the wrap clean and always have good behavior in traffic.

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