Vinyl wraps lovers from the Detroit Area, we have good news for you! From now on, Original Graphic Wraps is able to reach all of you with high quality and affordable vinyl wraps. We expand our services to the greater Detroit Area. 


Do you want a custom vinyl wrap for your car? 

Contact us, and we will install it for you. We will travel up to 30 miles to make your car stand out above the rest. You can choose different colors or texture change, a carbon, fiber, satin or matte look, or even camouflage wrap. But our work does not stop to cars! We have the expertise and technology to also customize with vinyl wrap your boat, truck, SUV or trailer.

To make all your car fantasies come true, we specialized our team in doing car creative work with multiple technologies:

  • Premium chrome deletion


With an ultra-scratch resistant film or vinyl film, we replace the shiny look of your car to either a different color or texture, such as glossy, eggshell, matte or flat.

  • Decals and custom graphics


We apply decals or custom graphics in any shape you want, perfectly fitting your car. We can install brands, logos, racing stripes or anything else your creative mind comes up with.

  • Window tinting


Fully aware of Michigan laws, we provide impeccable installation of window tinting. This will provide the protection you need against sunlight and heat.

  • Custom fleet


Brand or rebrand your car fleet with high-quality graphics. You come with your car branding plans, and we provide the technology and the experts to do the work on your fleet. In the branding field, we can also help you with upgrading your stores with stunning mural and interior graphics, boosting your company’s image and visibility.

Make an appointment with us today!