During the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s the perfect time to develop good habits of cleaning and disinfecting your car. As you know, cars are high-traffic areas that can easily end up “hosting” the coronavirus. Protect your car and yourself from COVID-19 by learning how to properly clean your vehicle.


Glove up and thoroughly clean all high-touch surfaces!

  • Use soap and water and a microfiber cloth to rub the door handles (inside and outside), grab handles, key fob, starter button, the steering wheel, the shift lever, the window or mirror switches, seatbelts, seat adjusters, and other buttons, switches, touchscreens, car gadgets, etc.
  • Do not forget about the soft surfaces, such as the carpet, seats (backs of your seats too!) and the car headliner.
  • Instead of soap and water, you can use a disinfectant. Isopropyl alcohol that is 70% or higher destroys the Coronavirus and it can be safely used on most car surfaces, especially hard ones. However, do not use alcohol-based cleaners on the leather surfaces!
  • Stay away from bleach or harsh chemicals. Bleach is very efficient in killing viruses, but it can damage your car’s interior. Hydrogen peroxide or ammonia-based disinfectants are also too harsh for your car!


Think prevention!

  • Every time you plan to use your car, wash your hands before getting in.
  • When there’s no soap and water around, make sure you disinfect your hands with sanitizer before opening your car and start driving.
  • Keep sanitizer and wet wipes around to frequently disinfect the high-touch surfaces from your car.


Repeat the cleaning process when needed

You know better than everyone how much you use your car and what places you travel to. If you think the risk of infection is high, then clean the car as often as possible and keep it Coronavirus-free. Also, consider taking the car to a professional cleaner.

And if you are ready to give a new look to your car, count on us!