Why Use Paint Protection Film During the Winter Season

Looking for a way to keep your car looking shiny and free from scratches during the winter season in Troy, Michigan?

No matter how careful you drive, the elements will find their way to scratch your car’s paint. And if there’s a time that is more damaging to your car’s paint job, that would have to be winter.

The winter season can be tough on your car’s paint job as it can worsen even the existing minor scratches on your car. Winter paint damage takes place when you have corrosive salt crystals along with snow come in contact with your car’s paint even just for under an hour. This usually happens when you park your car exposed to the elements.

Unfortunately, a lot of car owners use the wrong approach when dealing with winter paint damage. They’d use wax and coatings thinking that these things work. So how exactly should you protect your car’s paint job?

Protect from The Elements

What if we tell you that the most effective way to prevent scratches on your car’s exterior during the winter is by installing PPF or Paint Protective Film?

PPF is a practical way to protect the car’s paint. It comes with a high impact resistance that can deal with rocks, insect scratches, and other things that you’d usually encounter on the road. This also protects the car paint from things you usually encounter during the winter season such as snow.

So does it look obvious on your car? The advantage of using PPF is that it is an invisible polyurethane barrier that you won’t notice on your car.

Car with paint protection film

3M Clear Bra

So what’s the best paint protection film in the market? That’s where 3M Clear Bra enters the picture.

3M Clear Bra is the best PPF in the market today. This comes with high gloss and clarity that you won’t even notice on your car. Plus, it has hydrophobic properties making it easy to maintain. On top of that, 3M Clear Bra protects the paint against a lot of things such as weather conditions, rocks, automotive fluid stains, and UV radiation.

So what if it gets scratched? It comes with a self-healing property wherein you can get rid of minor scratches once you apply heat to the Clear Bra’s surface.

Original Graphic Warps has you covered with an array of industry-leading PPF products and excellent customer service. Don’t wait until it’s too late, and schedule your paint protection film install today!

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