A wedding is a significant life event that symbolizes the union between two individuals making a commitment to love and care for each other until death brings them apart. This celebratory occasion gathers friends and family to partake in this beautiful ceremony. Recognizing the significance of creating a flawless day, Original Graphic Wraps is here to make your day unforgettable through custom vinyl decals. These versatile embellishments hold immense value for such a momentous occasion. Let us share four benefits these vinyl decals can bring to your remarkable day. 

Personal Touch 

A custom vinyl decal for your wedding can add a hint of personal touch to your venue. It’s completely customizable and the decal can say or be anything that you would like. It can say something along the lines of “Mr and Mrs [insert last name]” or it can be designs of your choice. Either way, it will add a bit of personal touch versus a plain simple dance floor. 

Stand Out

If you really want to stand out, custom vinyl decals are perfect. They are not common to see at weddings. So, having one yourself will make you stand out from others. It will make your wedding something people will remember. 

Perfect for Pictures

Having a custom vinyl decal is perfect for wedding pictures and video. They look stunning on camera from every angle. Be certain that your pictures will come out amazing with a beautiful decal in the background. 

Easy to Remove

We understand that sticking a custom wedding decal to a floor can be concerning. You would not want to damage the floor under the decal when it comes to the removal process. Thankfully we are here to inform you that decals will not ruin the surface underneath. It’s easy to remove and no weird residue will be left behind. 


If you have an upcoming wedding, contact us at Original Graphic Wraps to customize your wedding with a vinyl decal. Just take a look at the decal we installed for a couple in July of 2023. It came out stunning and the couple loved it! 

You can contact us today by phone at (586)842-1551 or by email at info@originalgraphicwraps.com.