When you own a luxury car, it’s not just a mode of transportation but a style statement. Protecting your high-end vehicle is crucial to preserve its pristine appearance. That’s where a ceramic coating can come in. So let us delve into the world of ceramic coating and share with you its added value, and the unparalleled protection it offers to owners of luxury cars.

The Essence of Ceramic Coating in Detroit, Michigan

In the heart of Detroit, Michigan, our commitment to preserving the beauty of high-end vehicles is of utmost importance. Ceramic coating is one of the best investments you can make for your cherished vehicle ensuring it looks just as good as the day it rolled off the showroom.
To keep your vehicle’s paint looking undamaged and like new we proudly choose 3M Ceramic Coating because your car deserves nothing less than the best.

A Symphony of Shine and Protection

Our 3M Ceramic Coating treatment represents the harmonious blend of groundbreaking science and real world performance. It doesn’t just protect, it enhances. Here is why luxury owners in Detroit should choose our ceramic coating:
Long Lasting Coating: With a hydrophobic finish that encourages excellent water beading, 3M Ceramic Coating ensures your car is always ready to shine even when the weather is not cooperating.
High Gloss Shine: Say goodbye to dull paint because our ceramic coating will lock in and maintain that “wet look” of a freshly painted car.
Durability: The chemical resistance of 3M ceramic coating stands up to harsh elements like
Easier Care and Maintenance: The extremely slick surface of our ceramic coating makes it a breeze to remove dirt and debris. Cleaning your car will become a joy rather than a chore.


Owning a luxury car is a testament to your fine taste. Though its important that you protect your investment so that you ensure your car remains stunning no matter where the road takes you. At Original Graphic Wraps, we are dedicated to helping you keep your luxury car looking pristine. Contact us today to schedule your ceramic coating appointment. Give us a call at (586)842-1551 or email us at info@originalgraphicwraps.com.