If you’re looking to give your car some extra work to truly make it yours, finding a great car customization shop is important. You want to see if they’re the right fit for what you want. In the history of our operations, we learned about some key factors that are crucial to operating a car customization shop in Detroit.

A gallery

We emphasize showing off our work across our website and social media. This is our way of saying “don’t take our word for it, see for yourselves”. We also encourage our customers to do the same because a car is one of the most valuable possession someone can have, so you might as well show it off when you put in some work to it.

Certified installers

Our technicians are certified in performing vinyl wrap and window tint installations. Their experience has allowed them to do high quality work that’s on time. Our clients have written on different review sites about the efficiency of our work.

Offer warranties

We want you to feel great even after the job is done. One of the ways we help with that is offering warranties which not many shops offer in Detroit.

Responsive customer service

Whether you want to get an estimate or already know what you want to get, we’re always ready to pick up the phone or email you back. Nothing is more frustrating than calling a number and being on hold or talking to a sales representative who has no interest in clarifying any questions you might have. As for email, it’s equally frustrating having a response take long or never arrive.

We take pride in responding to questions or requests for estimates because we love what we do and want to help you with your next vehicle modification.

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