We do trust your skills entirely, and we totally respect people who want to learn and get engaged in do-it-yourself projects for their home or car. However, we will never recommend you to install a window tinting kit by yourself. What makes us so straightforward in rejecting the idea of a window tinting DIY project?


Choosing the window film


Before buying and installing the window tint, you should take the time to study the state legislation on the type of film that is allowed for different car windows. A professional shop will have that information ready for you!


Time and effort


If it is the first time you install a window film, even if you have experience in car repairs, expect to make many installation attempts. It will take you a lot of time, with high risk to damage to the film or the windows of your car.


Air bubbles


Those are not experienced in installing the tint, and who may not have the proper equipment for doing so, can easily leave bubbles in the film. These will give an unattractive look to your car, and will weaken the film and cause it to come apart in a short time.


Do you have the right work space?


For a professional and long-lasting window tinting installation, you will need a perfectly clean work space, in which you have the equipment to keep the dust in check. No dust particles should get between the film and the window. It is hard to find such a place at home, but professional shops will have it, and will also have all of the necessary tech for a perfect and long lasting installation!


No Guarantees


Once you decide to install the film at home, the outcome is not guaranteed. By contrast, any professional installation shop will guarantee its work, and if you are not happy with the results, they will make it right for you.