Summer is here and June is the boating month! Before you hit the waters to fish or cruise, get a creative wrap for your boat and make it noticed on the water! Original Graphic Wraps can accomplish any of your dreams from simple stern graphics with your boat name to full-color and full-sized graphics for the sides of your boat.

Choose the model you want or design your own, and enjoy all the benefits of boat vinyl wraps:

The customization options are endless in terms of colors, shapes, sizes, graphics. Get ready to turn heads with the new look of your boat!
Installation is fast, so there is no significant setback to your boating routine. A full vinyl wrap can be installed within a few days, depending on the size of the boat.

Wrap removal is fast as well. When you want another look for your boat, a professional can remove the wrap quickly with minimal damage to the original paint.

Wraps are easy to maintain – no buffing or polishing is required. You only need some soap and water to make your boat looking brand new.
Vinyl is eco-friendly, as no chemicals or solvents are needed for its application.

Premium quality wrap can last up to seven years if it is applied by a professional and then properly maintained.
Vinyl wraps are cost-efficient. They are much more affordable than painting your boat, and they protect the original paint of the vessel, preserving the boat’s resell value.

Contact Original Graphic Wraps today to schedule your boat for the summer wrap! We do full or partial exterior and interior wraps.