Does too much light annoy you when driving? Or do you want an aesthetic enhancement for your car? Here is what you need to know before tinting your car in Michigan.

Tint darkness
Window tinting protects you from sunlight and heat, but the film reduces the driver’s visibility. While respecting the Michigan tinting laws:

  • We can install on your windshield non-reflective tint, on the top four inches.
  • On the front side windows, we can use any type of tint, as dark as you want, but it can be applied only four inches from the top.
  • On the backside and rear windows, you can choose any type of tint. However, if you fully cover the rear window, then your car must have both side mirrors.

Tint reflection
Tinting film reflects the incoming light and reduces heat. But when the film is too reflective, it negatively impacts the other drivers on the road. According to the Michigan laws:

  • We can install only film tinting that is less than 35% reflective.
  • Do you like silver or gold? These flashy colors are prohibited for tinting.
  • If your health condition requires more protection from light and heat, there are some medical exemptions you could use to apply darker and more reflective tinting film.

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